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3am Magazine


Sounding worrying like a manual for angry Bobbitt types, this anthology of short stories looks at ways of serving up the cold dish of revenge…. This is an entertaining set of modern Tales of the Unexpected.”

— The List

These are deliciously wicked stories. Revenge has never been sweeter… or sexier.”

— M.J. Rose, Author

“Revenge is certainly not a dish served cold in this short-story collection.”

— The Guardian

“…Neat little narratives …in which women exact an ironic or fitting revenge on the boorish, neglectful or philandering men who have wronged them. …there are ghoulishly delectable pleasures to be had…”

— The Independent

“A kick-ass anthology – funny, sexy, wicked, sad and positively blood-curdling by turns. Getting Even should probably be banned – it’ll give revenge-seekers far too many ideas!”

— Lauren Henderson, Author

“When revenge is the name of the game, Getting Even has all the bases covered with a cathartic collection of disgruntled lovers, from guilty best friends and tattooists, to corpses that won’t let death stop them. After an anthology like this, if you are not worried about your own fate, then you’re probably already too busy plotting someone else’s.”

— Eastern Daily Press

“The stories in this collection tread the very thin line between harmless fun and sheer bitterness…. Some could be held accountable for stirring unsavoury sentiments in readers who are looking for a good way to get their own back.”

— The Big Issue

Revenge Stories explores the ways in which women take revenge… Paybacks are hell, indeed.”

— Mslexia


“…A fascinating insight into genuine female desire.… An honest and highly arousing compilation.”

— Penthouse Forum


“Too broke or too scared to travel? Buckle up. Erotic Travel Tales, edited by Mitzi Szereto, is a first-class journey through sexual encounters around the world. You’ll save the cost of a plane ticket and won’t have splinters after sex in a gondola.”

— Playboy

“With masterful skill and overwhelming imagination, Erotic Travel Tales sweeps the globe to gather twenty-one tales of extraordinary sensuality in a collection where the variety of location matches the variety of experiences…. With a healthy dose of spice and sizzle, Erotic Travel Tales comes very highly recommended.”

— Midwest Book Review

“Having an affair could be likened to having a holiday: a refreshing break from the habitual, a sensual re-awakening to new possibilities. But losing yourself in these tales of erotic travel is like having an affair and a holiday simultaneously. The joy of sex and the pleasures of the text rolled into one. Reading doesn’t come any better.”

— The Erotic Review


“Enthusiastically recommended.”

— The Library Journal


“Funny, sexy, hot, clever, witty, erotic, provocative, poignant and just plain smart – this anthology is an embarrassment of riches. Each story should be savored, like the first time with a new lover.”

— M. J. Rose, Author

“Cunningly crafted, polished performances that are enticingly readible. There is wit and skill here. Szereto is a writer and editor who makes clear that the erotic is all intellect.”

— 3am Magazine


“Lovemaking and the erotic are difficult areas to write about without being twee or self-conscious or just falling flat on your face. Few writers handle such material with the intelligence, joy, and humour of Mitzi Szereto.”

— Sir Arnold Wesker, F.R.S.L., Playwright and Author

“Mitzi Szereto, as both writer and anthologist, has a quirky and intriguing hold on suburbia, desperation, the loneliness of the human heart and the essential sadness of its yearning, as we seek to express it through sexual contact. It’s a dark and poignant place, of course, but laughter is never entirely absent. Which is just as it should be.”

— Niall Griffiths, Author

“Mitzi Szereto is the dynamo of the erotic world. Writing, teaching, editing; all part of a day in the life of erotica’s most spicy personality…”

— Maxim Jakubowski, Columnist/Author/Anthologist

“Szereto has brought serious erotic writing into the realms of the respectable. She has a gift and a passion for description, and explores sexual desire with genuine emotion and piercing insight, proving that the erotic is cerebral as well as physical.”

— Jonathan Margolis, Author/Biographer/Journalist

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