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Bakewell, Revisited

A return to the past, to a small market town in England, where a childhood love unexpectedly reappears, awakening a passion that never truly went away.

"It's All Right, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)"

The marriage of a suburban American couple goes into a tailspin when a wife finds that male menopause has taken hold of her husband, turning him into a Viagra-popping sex-obsessed fool… with hilarious results.

Letter to Valentino

Legendary silent film icon Rudolph Valentino has been a subject of speculation both during his short life and long after his death. This speculative erotic story journeys to old Hollywoodland, and may even finally answer the question: “who was the “mysterious woman in black?”

Loving on Kyoto Time

A Western woman journeys to Japan to experience the magic and beauty of Kyoto, only to experience heartbreak and a cultural divide when she meets and falls in love with a Japanese salary man.


An itinerant woman dressed only in a trench coat and stockings wanders the misty streets of London’s Soho, indulging in fleeting and anonymous sexual encounters, leaving memories in her wake, and a sense of longing and disbelief…

Mrs. Atropos

Inspired by classical mythology, this story sees Atropos, one of the Fates (Moirae), in modern-day Los Angeles, where she works as a seamstress in a sweatshop and reflects on all the men she’s loved (and lost) in her lifetime.


Set against the baking desert heat of Dubai, this intensely erotic story tells of a once-passionate relationship in its decline, where lust and lechery are very often the same thing… as is the hypocrisy of the Middle East and the West toward each other.


A woman goes to her company Christmas party in hopes of meeting a man to spice up her sex life. However, she gets far more than she bargained for when she instead hooks up with an exotic couple…

Do You Remember

In this erotically charged narrative, a woman addresses her former lover, asking him to remember all that they were to each other… and all that they could still be…

Hell is Where the Heart is

What’s a woman to do when she loses the man she loves? Make a pact with the devil, of course! Enter “Alf,” the Cockney devil. In a desperate bid to get her beloved back, the story’s protagonist sells her soul to this wisecracking, hygienically challenged master of the underworld… only to discover that leopards are often unwilling to change their spots.


A woman’s poignant declaration of all the things she can never say to a man who fights against loving and being loved… and fights against the desire they both share for each other.

Hen Night

A raucous hen night at a bar compels one of the guests to abandon her drunken friends, whereupon boredom and lust result in a hot and dirty encounter with an anonymous man…

My Lover

A gothic erotic tale of a woman’s gradual relinquishment of control to her supernatural lover… and her subsequent and irreversible transformation into something no longer of this world.

I Want You

A breathtaking and impassioned narrative of a woman’s explosive love and desire for her man…

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